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Your sense of style represents your sense of life. Without words, you are telling the world what you think and how you feel about yourself. You exude confidence, happiness, love and accomplishment in your fashion choices. Whether you are an ambitious and career-driven woman, a mega multi-tasker, the talented working mother, or the savvy and soulful mom-at-home, all these women gracefully meet their obligations and their ever-expanding needs. Dreams are not forgotten, just adjusted. Say hello to the new women of our generation: sophisticated, intelligent, feminine and confident.

Gina+Kate is inspired by the two strong women in our lives: our mothers. They are our first stylists, style icons, first role models and first confidants. 

Our carefully edited collection contains key must-haves, chic and stylish defining looks and classic pieces with an edge. Personally selected for you based on design quality with great pricing.

Gina+Kate is a celebration of you, as you grow, as you travel, as you experience, as you dream. Find a little of yourself here and don’t apologize for being you!